Mrs. J. Holmes
Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,

Welcome back from our Spring Break session!  
It is a pleasure to see the children come back ready to learn and still reading!  Some of  them look like they have grown a few inches while we were out for the break.  
As we continue our learning, we must continue to pay attention to our children as readers and writers in and out of the learning environment.   This means that we, (parents, teachers, and caregivers) must encourage, love, and guide our children to their destanations to reach their academic goal.  It is here and now that we take this final plunge to see that our students are solid and successful in their learning.  
Let us continue to make sure that they are reading (have an understanding of what they have read), writing and behaving the way we know they should and can to see the SUCCESS we so desire of our children.  SUCCESS is intentional so let make sure they are successful academically!

                          Thank your for participating in your child's learning,
                                                   Mrs. Holmes!