Mrs. Paige
Welcome to my webpage! I am excited to be teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies using the Personalized Learning classroom model. Personalized Learning means that students have greater ownership over their learning than in a traditional classroom model. To learn more about our class go to

Students know exactly what Common Core standard they individually working toward mastering. Students can articulate the reasons why they are learning that particular standard and what choices exist to practice working toward mastery of that standard, such as ipad apps, websites, hands-on activities, writing journal, partner work, thinking maps, reading response journal, etc. After assessing individual students and conferencing with him or her, we determine if that standard needs to continue to be practiced or if that standard is mastered. When a standard is mastered, I will conference with the student and together determine what is the next standard that will be targeted for that particular student.

The catch phrase of the Personalized Learning classroom is "student voice and student choice." That means I am always looking for ways for students to have more opportunities to self-direct their learning and practice true ownership of their authentic learning experiences.