School Counseling Services

W.B. Goodwin Elementary

Title I School

School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program of W.B. Goodwin Elementary School is to recognize and respect the unique qualities of each student and guide all students toward academic, personal/social, and career success. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program that supports all students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, productive workers, life-long learners, caring and responsible citizens.    

School Counseling Philosophy and Beliefs

  School Counselor Smalls believes:

*        Children have dignity and worth as human beings

*        Children learn best when they feel good about themselves & their 
  relationships with others

*        Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their

*        Children are capable of making responsible choices

*        Children need help in recognizing positive options to their problems

*        Attitudes formed during elementary school shape future attitudes toward 
  learning, self, and the world

*        A partnership with students, parents, and the community is necessary

*        Children are people too!