Box Top Collections

Box tops will be collected several times a year.  We will have 2 collections, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  The first collection date is Oct. 26th. All boxtops must be submitted by that date. 

Send in your Box Tops the day before the collection.   Box Tops should be taped to a Collection Sheet OR in a sealed envelope.  A collection sheet will be sent home with your child.  Additional sheets may be downloaded by clicking here. Box Tops Collection sheet.pdf

The collection sheets are not mandatory, but they help with the counting process.  Each completed sheet your child returns is one entry into a drawing for various prizes.


  • Clip around the coupon and remove any excess cardboard, but make sure the expiration date is visible.
  • Tape coupons to a Collection Sheet.
    ~ OR ~ Package and count the coupons in groups of 50 in a sealed, labeled (name and class) envelope.
  • Package BONUS BOX TOPS in a separate sealed, labeled (name and class) envelope.  Please do not put bonus coupons on the collection sheets.